ARMA Assist - Supporting Financial Hardship and Vulnerable Customers

We are committed to ensuring that anyone experiencing financial difficulty or other personal hardship is treated with respect, dignity, empathy, and compassion.

We understand that people can experience situations in life that are out of their control, and that these unexpected and unintentional events can create stress, mental health, financial and other unwelcome pressures.

It’s why we set up ARMA Assist - a dedicated team of Customer Support Specialists trained to genuinely consider, identify, assess, and assist vulnerable customers and those experiencing financial hardship pressures. They understand and are trained to identify vulnerability, and that this can go beyond just financial situations resulting from unemployment or reduced income, but that vulnerability can also be as a result of the passing of a family member, illness and wellbeing, family or domestic violence.

The ARMA Assist team are committed to working with our customers to determine any consideration for hardship support. We guarantee that the same considerate review principles in line with our Financial Hardship Policy, will be consistent throughout the process, and in turn we ask that our customers also assist with the process to make certain the most accurate determination and outcome can be concluded.

Through your interactions with ARMA Assist you can expect:

  • To have direct access to trained Customer Support Specialists.
  • To be treated with respect, empathy, and compassion.
  • To be provided with timely assistance and information.
  • To achieve a fair and reasonable outcome that takes into account your individual circumstances.
  • Given access to impartial advice from other external support providers or networks.

If you are experiencing any hardship or other vulnerability that is affecting your ability to resolve your debt:

  • Call us today on 1300 363 394 (Monday - Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm AEST) to connect to one of our Customer Support Specialists or use our online contact form.
  • Be honest and open with us. Communication is key to us being able to understand your situation.
  • Contact a counsellor or relevant consumer representative or professional

Our staff at ARMA Assist are highly trained to support you try and resolve your financial situation

Our staff at ARMA Assist are highly trained to support you try and resolve your financial situation, but me also understand that sometimes you might need that extra professional support that we are not qualified to provide, we therefore highly encourage you to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed and need support - below are a few possible organisations that you could contact:

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