Customer Care Commitment

We at Australian Recoveries & Mercantile Agents (“ARMA”) would like to introduce you to our Customer Care Commitment (“CCC”). In keeping with ARMA’s commitment to “outstanding customer care” we strive to ensure that we operate with a key focus on respectful, positive, and empathic engagement with all customers.

Our positive collection strategies alongside ARMA’s internal policies, procedures, recruitment philosophy and specialised training program guarantee that our staff are adequately equipped to support our customers achieve the best possible financial outcomes for their personal circumstances including if they are experiencing financial hardship or another vulnerability.

The Customer experience – what to expect:

ARMA is committed to having a positive impact on our customers through genuine consideration and compassion. We are determined to ensure that we work with all customers to identify and resolve their financial situation by achieving the best possible outcomes.

All our staff receive specialised training to guarantee that they can deliver the outstanding customer care that is part of the ARMA core values – this training equips us with the special skills to identify and support those that may be experiencing financial hardship or other personal vulnerability.

This commitment is further demonstrated through our specialised ARMAAssist department that is dedicated to supporting the more vulnerable.

ARMA is here to support our customers, but on occasion further specialised expert or professional support may be required therefore we encourage our customers to seek external support networks as required to make certain that they have received the best possible advice and support for them. A list of suggested additional support networks is list in this statement.


ARMA operates within a regulated and compliance focused industry, and we take this seriously. We understand the importance of the industry regulations and guidelines, therefore all our employees are rigorously trained, educated and officially licensed before conducting their duties in assisting our customers achieve the best possible outcomes.

If you wish to understand these requirements more, please contact us to discuss on 1300 363 394 (Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5pm AEST).

ARMAAssist – Introduction to our hardship and other vulnerability service:

ARMA is dedicated to ensuring that the more vulnerable that could be experiencing financial difficulty or other personal hardship are treated with respect, dignity, empathy, and compassion. We understand that people can experience situations in life that are out of their control, and that these unexpected and unintentional events can create stress, mental health, financial and other unwelcome pressures.

This is why ARMA has a dedicated team called ARMAAssist. This team consists of support professionals trained to genuinely consider, identify, assess, and assist with financial hardship or situations. They understand and are trained to identify vulnerability, and that this can go beyond just financial situations resulting from unemployment or reduced income, but that vulnerability can also be as a result of the passing of a family member, illness & wellbeing, family or domestic violence.

The ARMAAssist team are committed to working with our customers to determine any consideration for hardship support. We guarantee that the same considerate review principles in line with our Financial Hardship Policy, will be consistent throughout the process, and in turn we ask that our customers also assist with the process to make certain the most accurate determination and outcome can be concluded.

Through your interactions with ARMAAssist you can expect to be:

  • Treated you with respect, empathy, and compassion;
  • Be provided with timely assistance and information;
  • Achieve an outcome such as through a payment option which is fair, flexible and affordable;
  • Interact with a Support Specialist that is receiving ongoing training to continually better assist;
  • Access to advise on other external support providers or networks.

ARMA ask that if as a customer that you are experiencing any hardship or other vulnerability that you:

  • Contact us on 1300 363 394 (Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5pm AEST) to connect to one of our Support
    Specialists to discuss or go to ARMAAssist (
  • Be honest and open with us. Communication is key to us being able to understand your situation.
  • Contact a counsellor or relevant consumer representative or professional.

Compliant or Dispute Resolution

At ARMA we treat all complaints and/or dispute seriously, with due diligence and genuine consideration. ARMA has a dedicated Internal Dispute Resolution policy, process, and system in place to manage all complaints or disputes.

We acknowledge that complaints or disputes can be received in various forms including verbal or written, implied or explicit but all will be dealt with irrespective of its validity or authenticity.

If you have a compliant that you wish to lodge then please contact us on 1300 363 394 (Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5pm AEST). If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of our Internal Despite Resolution process you may still contact other available external dispute resolution schemes including:

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Council (ACCC)
  • Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

Going beyond our customers

ARMA is not just committed to setting high standards that relate to our customers, but we also have the same high expectations for our suppliers. These are stated in our Supplier Code of Conduct (“Code”). This code addresses our requirement for all suppliers to adhere to our standards in the areas of:

  • Labour and Human Rights;
  • Health and Safety;
  • Integrity, Ethics and Conduct; and
  • Corporate and Supply Chain Governance.

Suppliers to ARMA are directed to review the Code and ensure that relevant areas of their business and supply chain meet these requirements, including the conduct associated to modern slavery, labour, and human rights.

Modern slavery is an umbrella term used to describe exploitative practices including human trafficking, slavery, and slavery-like practices such as servitude, forced labour and debt bondage. Pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2018, ARMA is committed to proactively identifying and addressing Modern Slavery risks in our operations and supply chain.

ARMA seeks to work with its Suppliers to meet and exceed minimum requirements as outlined in the Code and continuously strive to improve the standard of its engagement practices.


We at ARMA also see protecting the environment as part of our duty to our customers. In taking such measures we aim to continue to reduce our environmental footprint. We recognise that our business has a corporate social responsibility to enhance the environment and promote the long term sustainability of the Debt Collection industry. We aim to inspire our staff, suppliers, clients and customers to do the same through awareness, education and action.

ARMA achieves our objectives through our company policy that addresses our commitment to:

  • Waste reduction
  • Recycling program
  • Paper reduction
  • Equipment use and disposal
  • Source low radiation computer equipment
  • Toxics reduction

Other Support Networks

Immediate emergency
If someone is in immediate danger

13 11 14
24hr telephone crisis support line for anyone that is experiencing any form of emotional distress

National Debt Help Line
1800 007 007
Non-for-profit service that helps people tackle their debt problems. Their professional financial counselors offer a free independent and confidential service.

Beyond Blue
1300 224 636
Provides information and support to help everyone achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

1300 789 978
24hr support line for men and boys who are dealing with emotional distress, family or domestic violence, family, or relationship difficulties.

Kids Help Line
1800 551 800
24hr free, private, and confidential, telephone and online counseling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25.

Salvation Army
13 SALVOS (13 72 58)

Relationships Australia
1300 364 277
independent, not-for-profit organisation with no religious affiliations. Their goal is to promote relationships that are safe, healthy and strong. They are dedicated to enhancing relationships within families and their communities in order to foster personal and social wellbeing.

1800 Respect (1800 737 732)
24hr national counselling line for anyone that has experienced or is at risk of sexual assault, family, or domestic violence. If immediate danger call 000.

Elder Abuse Help Line
1800 353 374
Free information and support services for people who experience or witness the abuse of an older person.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)
1800 931 678
Provide consumers and small businesses with fair, free and independent dispute resolution for financial complaints.

Financial Counselling Australia (FCA)
1800 007 007
Access free resources and advice from a private financial counsellor.

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