At ARMA we take a hybrid approach to collections – merging the digital technology know how and innovation, with our team of highly skilled and experienced collections advisors, we create and deliver positive collections strategies that result in the best possible user experience for our clients and their customers.
This approach respects your customers and the relationship they have with you. We promote quality engagement and conversations to manage your customers’ repayments in the short term, and build on the foundation of trust and integrity to retain them for future business.

We’re with you every step of the way.

At ARMA, we know that one solution can’t address each client or every industry. Which is why we offer fully customisable recovery solutions.

We’ll work with you to understand your business and come up with a strategy to suit. Our collection services span the full receivables management lifecycle, from credit-related consultancy services to legal enforcement and everything in between.

From pre due date to post write off, we’ll find the right solution for you.

Our collection services

1Written communications

2Digital communications

3Inbound and outbound call handling

4Financial hardship management

5Skip tracing

6Field Services

7Data washing

Written communications

We will customise demand letters specific to your requirements (including but not limited to brand guidelines, payment options and contact details). Our letters are developed in accordance with industry best practice, legal compliance and drafted with empathetic messaging specifically designed to engage with customers positively and respectfully.

Digital communications

Central to our collection’s strategy is our proprietary digital communication and payment platform, which is capable of administering secure and interactive SMS and email services. Designed and managed inhouse by our team of 25+ developers, this fully integrated communication, billing and collection solution enables customers to pay from any connected device at any time. All of our digital communications include a secure, tokenised URL presenting customers with the option to settle their account or set up a payment plan within allowable limits determined by your business rules.

Inbound and outbound call handling

We can offer inbound and outbound call handling solutions to be run out of any of our Australian state-based Call Centres, using a combination of agent-operated calls and automated interactive messaging campaigns. 100% of our call handling operations are based in-house and onshore, allowing your customers to feel more comfortable and confident in communicating with someone who shares a similar language, cultural understanding, and local knowledge, which can lead to a better customer service experience.

Financial hardship management

We have a specialist hardship and vulnerability team, ARMA Assist, who are focussed on finding the right solutions for customers who may be facing a range of difficulties. We understand that people can experience situations in life that are out of their control, and that these unexpected and unintentional events can create stress, mental health, financial and other unwelcome pressures.

Skip Tracing

We have a dedicated in-house skip tracing team that can provide a range of tracing options, from desk-based research, through to full investigative services. The team has access to data from a number of leading information management providers that allows us to systematically update our records to provide us with one the most reliable and complete consumer and commercial directories in the country.

Field Services

We have the ability through our national network of field service agents to engage locally based, trained and licensed operatives to undertake personal field visits on request. Our in-house field services division specialises in personal customer contact and can deploy qualified, professional agents to attend any address within a reasonable timeframe.

Data washing

Our data washing service sees contact information validated against the most recent datasets (some 400 million records) from some of Australia’s largest consumer and commercial directories. Any new contact details amended or obtained for any customer is appended in real-time to our collections systems and can be passed through to you via an API enabling you to maintain an accurate and up-to-date customer database.

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