We’re a proud supplier of debt collection and legal services to WALGA Members.

Contract DR8410-2021: Debt Recovery ServicesContract PSP004-008  – Legal & Debt Management Services


The WA Local Government Association (WALGA) is an independent, member-based, not-for-profit organisation representing and supporting the WA Local Government sector. WALGA advocates on behalf of WA’s 139 Local Governments and negotiates service agreements for the sector. 

WALGA’s purpose is to leverage the collective strength and influence of the Local Government sector for the benefit of WA Local Governments and their communities.

Preferred supplier status

When dealing with an approved supplier, WALGA Members enjoy certain advantages that make the process easier. 


As a preferred supplier, ARMA has already undergone a rigorous prequalification process by WALGA. This process is designed to ensure that suppliers meet certain criteria, such as financial stability, quality standards, and compliance with relevant regulations. Members can trust that ARMA already met these requirements, simplifying the supplier selection process.

Competitive pricing
WALGA has negotiated the contract with ARMA on behalf of its Members, leveraging its collective buying power. As a result, Members can access favourable pricing terms, saving time and effort in negotiating individual contracts.
Established terms and conditions

ARMA has an established contract and terms and conditions in place with WALGA. This eliminates the need for Members to negotiate individual agreements, saving time and resources. Members can simply reference the pre-negotiated terms and conditions, ensuring consistency and reducing administrative burdens.

Simplified procurement process

Dealing with approved suppliers streamlines the procurement process for Members. Since ARMA has already been vetted and approved, Members can bypass time-consuming steps such as extensive due diligence, supplier evaluations, and tender processes. This expedites the procurement process, enabling members to quickly access the services they require.

Ongoing supplier management
WALGA continues to manage its relationship with ARMA even after the initial selection process. This includes monitoring our performance, addressing any issues that may arise, and facilitating ongoing communications between us and Members. This ongoing management ensures a smooth and efficient procurement experience for Members.

What this means for LGP Members

You can deal confidently with a company that has been fully vetted through the WALGA authorisation process.

You can start today without having to go through a long-winded tender process or negotiate contract terms.

You’ll benefit from a market-leading service proposition, based on trust, integrity and performance.

You’ll be dealing with a quality-endorsed company that specialises in government recoveries.

You’ll take advantage of our competitive pricing model which offers exceptional value for money.

Supercharge your collections strategy.

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Meet Nikki Dennis

WALGA Sales Director

“We take ratepayer engagement to the next level with a full range of innovative receivables management, third-party collections, and legal services, for improved outcomes. And in the current environment, particularly for local governments, it’s important not to leave unrecovered debts sitting on the table. With WALGA, it’s never been easier for Members to refer their debts to us for action. In some cases we can get our first messages out to customers within 24 hours of receiving your files.”

Want to find out more?

If you’re a WALGA Member and want more information about how ARMA can help you with your debt collection and legal recovery targets, contact us to arrange a free consultation with one of our Sales Team.